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Now is a great time to start making plans to enjoy art and nature!  Feel free to contact me for an upcoming nature walk or artistic experience.
Clay: An Introduction

Workshop focuses on the basic elements of clay, pottery, ceramics, and hand-building techniques. Available for children, teens, and adults.



Nature & Art,

Art In the Park: A Day Outside


Join me and others for inspiring nature walks and art projects.  Contact me for upcoming sessions, or to plan one for a group.  Contact:



Workshop focuses on having fun with nature and clay.

Available for children, teens and adults.

Clay: Creating with Nature
Clay & Glass

Workshop for those who understand the basic elements of working with clay, such as wedging, slab technique, and leather hard clay.  Participants will learn how to create their clay piece(s) and add recycled glass to their piece.

Available for teens and adults.

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