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Glass Casting:

Fish of the Shiawassee Bluegill Series

Glass Dishes:

Water, Woodlands, Fresh Green Grass

Flowers in Bloom
" Inside each bottle is a flower waiting to bloom. "
Natural elements and processes form glass creations.  For me, it is wasteful to discard a glass bottle after a single use.  When breaking glass bottles - I discovered many different types of flower petals - skinny daisy-type, and more rounded rose-petal types.  I spread the pieces on a table and see so many flowers at my finger tips just waiting to dance!
Tree Line

Pate de Verre

Using recycled bottle glass for Pate de Verre pieces.  Giving rebirth to discarded natural material gives you a personal connection.  The larger wine bottle pieces create the tree canopy.  Brown bottle glass can break more rectangular in shape and they create the tree trunk forms.  I just love this piece!

Fun Glass

Like the wind blowing the fresh smell of spring, flowers, and water

Note Cards & Fun Art

Check out my "Note Card" page to select your own design.

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