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Most of my artwork is one of a kind and not reproduced. 

Artwork can be viewed on-line, at gallery shows and at locations that sell my artwork. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see an artwork in person. 

These images are personal photographs and protected by copyright law.


Do not reproduce, or copy, or download, these images.

Bee Blessing

It is an unique experience to have your yard adopted by Honey Bees.  Honey Bees have a history of being valued in many cultures that pre-date Christ.  Cards include a Christian Blessing.  St. Benedict is the patron Saint for Beekeepers. 


Michigan Water, Woodlands, Meadows and more.

Mackinac Island
"Somewhere In Time. "
Favorite American Photos
Favorite Expressions

These notecards are sold to purchase doggies stuff for our adorable fur babies. 

Misc. & Inspirations

Sometimes I just like to play - here are some whimsical items & inspirational texts.

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